Carroll Kids Daytime Enrichment Registration Request Form
Wed, Aug 26 11:04am

Hi PS58 Families!

We are finalizing plans for the PS58 PTA Carroll Kids offsite daytime enrichment program for fall. Please use this form to indicate your intention to register for the program. Once we determine how many families want spaces, we will know if a lottery is necessary. Those who complete this form will be contacted directly with notification regarding a lottery and/or details on registration.

The daytime enrichment program supports the DOE hybrid program by offering in-person care for children on the days they are not attending PS58. Children will attend 2 days some weeks and three days on alternate weeks. We will follow the DOE calendar for holidays.

We currently have two spaces and are negotiating for a third space. Currently, we have capacity for a total of 84 students -- according to CDC standards, the two spaces can handle 42 children per day; 62 children if we are able to secure the third space. We will continue to actively seek additional spaces if we have enough interest from parents.

We are running the program as close to cost as possible.

Price for Daytime Enrichment: $176 on a weekly basis
Note - we determined pricing by determining 90 days of care for a full school year would cost $6086 per child. Dividing it on a monthly basis does not work with the plan to allow switches between hybrid and remote programs on a quarterly basis. In order to accommodate this switch, we thought billing on a weekly basis (students would attend two days one week and three days on the alternating week) would be most fair. With our registration system, billing must be level. We are able to skip full weeks with no school (December, February & April breaks). You may pay for weeks with a single holiday, but this should even out over the course of the year.

St. Paul's Church
199 Carroll Street (at the corner of Clinton & Carroll)

The Brooklyn Strategist
333 Court Street (between Union & Sackett)

We are accepting students enrolled in Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Cohorts will be between 10 - 12 students. Cohorts will remain the same through the quarter as set by the DOE.

Tentative Start Date: Monday, September 14

Our daily routine will include health screenings upon arrival; students will be asked to bring their Chromebooks as we will do some academic work. Lunch will be outside, and we will take lots of outdoor breaks during the day. Games, arts and crafts, reading and specialty classes will be incorporated into each day.

We are also planning to offer an aftercare program from 3pm to 5pm at PS58 on the days children attend school. We are hopeful we will be allowed to have 50 children per day. Stay tuned for registration details. We will offer afterschool from 3pm to 5pm at our St. Paul location. Please indicate on the form if you need this care. Our other spaces are afterschool programs and offer onsite programs.

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Carolyn Rogalsky

Carolyn Pravda