Carroll Kids Off-site Learning Cohorts and Afterschool
Wed, Aug 12 12:53pm

Hello PS58 Families!


Like you, we have been sitting on the edge of seats awaiting word of what our fall will look like. Now that Governor Cuomo has weighed in and indicated that schools may open we would like to share some of our ideas and plans below.


Hybrid Model

We hope to be able to offer “learning cohorts” on days when children enrolled in the hybrid model are not in the school building. We would support these remote learning days in offsite locations near the school during school hours (9am to 3pm). We expect to be able to offer afterschool hours (3 to 5PM), as well. We would set up cohorts following the 1:5 to 1:7 ratio with a limit of 10 to 14 students in a cohort. Aftercare cohorts would remain the same throughout a quarter. We are working on finding community spaces. Recommendations are welcome. We are working with local churches to secure spaces with windows and good ventilation. The program will be offered to kindergarten through fifth grade. Schedules will be based on a child’s schedule for in-person instruction at PS58.  



We hope to be able to offer aftercare IN SCHOOL for children on their assigned school days per the hybrid schedule, as well as off-site for those enrolled in the off-site hybrid model.


Full Remote

We don’t currently have a plan to offer childcare support for the full remote option. Please let us know if you have any requests. If there is available capacity, we would certainly consider it.


Enrichment Afterschool and/or "Recess" Classes

We are working on potentially offering outdoor enrichment classes for PS58 students. We are waiting to hear if we might be able to use the school yard, open streets near the school and/or Carroll Park. We will be offering virtual piano lessons. We will share online options that our Carroll Kids afterschool enrichment partners are offering as we learn about them through the PS58 google group listserv.


Will we offer transfers from Annex to Main School?

If we are able to offer aftercare at the main school building, we will be offering transfers from the PreK annex to our main school building for children enrolled in aftercare. Those parents seeking the transfer without aftercare will be able to for a fixed fee.


What safety measures do we have in place?

For summer camp, we have a regular routine that includes temperature checks, masks for everyone, routine hand washing routines, regular sanitizing of our space and social distancing between the students during lunch time and snack. We will form cohorts of enrolled students to limit contact as much as possible. We will keep groups grade-specific and try to maintain classroom cohorts intact to the extent possible. We will continue to take every measure possible to ensure the health of our students and staff.


In the event that the school goes fully remote, will we be able to maintain our offsite cohorts?

We are not certain yet. It will be up to the city and the DOE - as well as our offsite landlords.


What will the cost be for the Carroll Kids programs?

We are still waiting on some details but are estimating that the monthly cost for the offsite daytime cohort program will be around $500/month. This would cover 10+ days per month; 6 hours per day for a total of 60 hours per month. This works out to a little more than $8/hour.  We are trying to run the program as close to actual cost as possible. We are still waiting on final numbers for liability insurance and rent for offsite locations before we can confirm final numbers.


Will you offer financial aid for these programs?

We are working now with the PTA to see what is possible. If you need financial aid, please let us know. We want to support all the families of our PS58 community.


Will children need to provide their own device for the offsite daytime program?

We expect that students will bring their own -- or DOE-issued -- devices. We provide the WiFi -- and ancillary help. In the event that your child needs back-up, we will do everything in our power to provide.


Will we offer DLP support during the offsite daytime program?

We do have French language speakers on our staff and will make them available to those in the DLP program.


What will the hours be for each program? Will we offer early drop off?

Drop off is at 8:30am and later. Pick up is by 3pm. We hope to offer aftercare FROM 3 to 5pm. 


What locations are we considering for the offsite programs?

St. Paul's on the corner of Carroll and Clinton Sts. Also St. Agnes at Nevins & Sackett. And we welcome any and all suggestions about alternate spaces that meet CDC guidelines.


What activities will be offered?

We expect that students' synchronous virtual learning will require 2 to 3 hours of their day. Carroll Kids staff will be available to help students with their asynchronous school work in the remaining 3 to 4 hours. We will also engage in crafts, games, conversations, and outdoor activity.


What kind of communication will we have?

We will always be available to discuss your interests, issues, and concerns regarding your student via phone, email or In-person.


Will PS58 teachers & staff be involved?

We will solicit help from PS58 teachers and staff to ensure that students are benefitting from their virtual days. PS58 staff will be invited to enhance our offerings as available.


What kind of support will we offer during the daytime offsite program?

Our number one priority will be to support student learning. Many Carroll Kids counselors have either completed, or are working toward degrees in education. They will avail themselves to students' learning needs.


Can siblings stay together?

We expect that siblings will be scheduled for the same days of In-person classwork at PS58, so they will naturally be available for in--person virtual care on the same days and will therefore be in our program together. Depending on their grades, they may end up at separate locations but we will work with families to ease your efforts.


How will registration work? Will it be first-come, first-served?

We hope to accommodate all who need this service. But if we find the number overwhelms us, we assign spots by lottery.