Cine Bistro Friday, April 27th - The Secret Life of Pets
Fri, Apr 27 5:30pm-8:00pm
PS58 The Carroll School
1 day before

Please join Classes 5-302 and 5-306 on Friday, April 27th as they host their Cine Bistro featuring the movie The Secret Life of Pets! This is the last Cine Bistro of the school year!


There will be pizza, hot food, popcorn, treats and drinks for sale. The movie is free. Come for dinner and stay for the movie! 

Schedule of Events:

5:30pm - Food is Served

6:30pm - Movie 


Did you know?

*Cine Bistros are 5th grade fundraisers. Each 5th grade class hosts their own Cine Bistro.

* In addition to pizza, popcorn and treats, Cine Bistros serve food made by parents and neighboring businesses for a small fee of $5 per dish. That's a bargain!

* Cine Bistros are a great way to have dinner and catch up with family and friends! 


Just a friendly reminder that Cine Bistros are not a drop-off event and alcohol is not permitted in the school building.