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PS58 The Carroll School

What a lot we are all dealing with! In an effort to maintain some semblance of normalcy, we at Carroll Kids continue to offer one-on-one meets and group gatherings. 

This week, June 1 to 5 the schedule includes:

Grade-wide LUNCH with Ms Liz  Google Meet, hosted by Liz Hom. Tuesdays 1 to 1:45pm. 

PreK: WEDNESDAYS, 2 to 2:30pm. Please sign up via Konstella

Kindergarten: WEDNESDAYS, 1 to 1:30pm. Please sign up via Konstella

First Grade: THURSDAY, 1:30 to 2pm. Please sign up via Konstella

Second Grade: TUESDAYS, 1:30 to 2pm:

Third Grade: FRIDAYS, 2:30 to 3pm:

 Fourth Grade: THURSDAYS, 12:30 to 1pm:

 Fifth Grade: WEDNESDAYS, 12:30 to 1pm

 ADDITIONALLY, Clyde hosts a weekly LIVE WORKOUT for ALL GRADES on FRIDAYS, 1:30 to 2pm here:

 AND Ms Hanaa hosts a VIRTUAL TEA PARTY on MONDAYS, Grades 3 to 5, 2:30 to 3pm and Grades K to 2, 3 to 3:30pm here:

We’re also continually adding and updating our Carroll Kids “classrooms”. Among the classrooms to check out:


Cardboard Crafts. Mr James uploads videos with step-by-step instructions on how to make a fun structures out of cardboard and cheap household products. 

Class code: 2rr2bxc

Clyde’s LIVING HEALTHY. Here you can workout with Clyde. He updates every Monday; Wednesday and Friday with video demos and picks a different focus each week. 

Class code: rr77fvd

 Trey’s ART CHALLENGE. Here Trey assigns a weekly drawing challenge. Kids have a full week to submit (if they choose) and on Mondays, Trey will select a winner for each grade! This week’s challenge is a SELF PORTRAIT. Only one submission per customer! The winner gets a prize!

Class code: le6iiro

 Brianna’s VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS presents short videos of the wonders of our world. Students can comment and share their impressions. This week’s tours include Mount Rushmore, The British Museum's treasures and more.

Class code: rxoi6w5

WORD SEARCH AND PUZZLES with Thomas H. Just as it sounds, here you can find puzzles students can download and complete online. Today’s puzzle features dinosaurs!

Class code: lpcdrzm

 IN THE CAFETERIA w CAROLYN is just what you’d expect. Scavenger hunts, jokes, birthday parties and fun for those who choose to “stay down” in the caf! Sorry, no snacks provided, but perhaps we’ll make some!

Class Code: g4e6yqb

 For Grades PreK, K and Grade 1 we have GOOGLE SITES:

 PreK: Mrs. Gillette’s Read Alouds

Kindergarten: Read Alouds with Ms. Lydia, plus coloring pages to print out, activities and more!

First Grade: Mr Bob aka Ralph, Read Alouds, videos by Mr. Bob and birthday call-outs!

 PLEASE CHECK IT OUT -- and give us some feedback. We’re here to keep our community going and GROWING!!