Direct Appeal > 2017 Update, 2018 Resolutions
Thu, Jan 4 3:39pm
PS58 The Carroll School

We made great progress on the Direct Appeal in 2017 -- raising more than $90k!


Entering 2018 and the final month of the campaign, we ask that you please add three resolutions to your list for the new year -- in order to ensure we achieve our goal of $168k.


☐  #1 Participate

Please consider making a donation.


We suggest $425 today or $58 monthly for the rest of the school year to cover what the PTA spends on each family, but any amount is great -- what’s important is we’re all in this together!


You can drop a check in the office or make a credit card payment here:


☐  #2 Match

Please check if someone in your family works for a company that matches charitable giving.


It’s an easy way to double your donation and just takes a few seconds here:


☐  #3 Reach Out

Please ask three people to contribute $58 -- grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends.


The e-mail template below explains the situation and makes the request. You only need to copy, paste, address and send!


We thank you for your support and invite you to contact us with any questions, concerns or suggestions at Happy New Year!




Dear __________,


We’re in the midst of our annual fundraising drive for the PS58 Parent Teacher Association (PTA).


Our PTA funds many of the things that make PS58 such a great school -- resources like our library, stringed-instrument program and technology program; modules to enrich the standard curriculum like dance, theater and chess; and, budgets for teachers to customize classes to student needs. (The attached brochure has more details.)


We’re trying to raise $168,000 over the next month to keep all of this going, and each family is asking a few close family members and friends for a contribution to this cause. So...


Would you be willing to support our school by making a $58 donation? (You’re welcome to give any amount, of course -- less or more!)


If so, you can make a credit card payment by clicking the following link


In any case, I thank you for the attention to this and look forward to hearing from you.


Happy New Year!