GET YOUR GAME ON!!!!!! Help Needed in Advance of the Costume Carnival!
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Hi All: 

In advance of the rapidly approaching Costume Carnival (10.25), we are in need of some help with the creative work that goes into putting on a successful and fun event! 

We have great, silly games from last year that need champions to help get them off the ground this year!   We have photos and basic instructions, but of course if you have a new, creative, crazy idea, don't hesitate!

Sign up with a friend or two and have fun with it! PTA Co-President Linnea Olson will get in touch with you/your team to go over what your individual game needs.  NB: This does NOT require you to work the game during the carnival. 


THANK YOU for all that you do to support our community and the kids!


Molly Rayo

Costume Carnival Volunteer Coordinator 


Game 1: Do you Dare? (Halloween Mystery Boxes and Witch's Brew) Signed Up: 2 / 4

Volunteer will need to make 5-8 boxes that kids will reach into to feel the insides. The boxes should be labeled on the outside. End of table will be a witch (played by volunteer) stirring her ‘brew’ (juice) that kids can taste. Supplies Needed: • Shoebox/Card board boxes cut with holes on the top (only big enough for hand to stick through) • Halloween wrapping around box or painted • Signs to describe what is in the box • Zombie Brains: Cooked spaghetti, cauliflower head, cold oatmeal • Dead Hand: Rubber Glove filled with flour • Dead skin: smashed up boiled egg whites • Witches ears: dried apricots • Mummy Eyeballs: peeled grapes, olives • Guts: canned spinach • Spider legs: pipe cleaners • Werewolf Teeth: popcorn kernels, candy corn • Witch tongue: long sliced bananas • Wipes for hands at the end • Cups for the brew • Large container and cauldron • Brew: I have a recipe, more to come here!
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Game 2: Walk the Plank Signed Up: 0 / 3

Team-members strap on the plank and attempt to walk from designated starting area to the end. Their attempt will be timed and kept on a board. The overall team will win a BIG prize at the end of the night. • Large 2x4 planks of wood (4 total) • Something to act as straps around the base of the planks • Large white board to tally the groups #s • Stop watch • Cones for designated start and stop • Chalk lines?
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Game 3: Zombie Eyeball Toss Signed Up: 0 / 2

Kids attempt to throw eyeballs into cups on a board. Supplies Needed: • Plastic cups • Large foam board /foam core that we can attach to the gate • Zip ties • Plastic Eyeballs • Hot glue or poster putty to make sure the cups stick to board • Bowl/container to keep eyeballs in • Chalk line for where kids are supposed to stand to pitch
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Game 5: Pumpkin Pull Signed Up: 1 / 1

Kids pull a dum-dum lollipop from a pumpkin. If the end of it is marked black, they get a prize. Supplies Needed: • 4-5 pumpkins (donated by Mazzone?) • Dum-dums, some with black sharpie marker on the tip of the stick

Game 7: Eyeball in a Haystack Signed Up: 2 / 3

3 kids have 30 seconds to dig around a huge pile of hay for a small spider or eyeball Supplies: kiddie pool - inflatable or not (power outlet and pump if inflatable) hay eyeballs hidden throughout stop watch
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Game 8: Guessing Booth Signed Up: 1 / 1

3 or 4 large jars full of Halloween candy/items sit on a table. Kids guess the number of items and put their name and class # on a card. Winner will be announced the following week and receive a big prize (we can even display the prize). Supplies: large apothecary type jars candy corn, eyeballs, plastic spiders, etc to fill the jars index cards pens box to drop the cards into

Game 9: Candy Corn Toss Signed Up: 1 / 2

Kids toss glow necklaces around cones decorated as candy corns. Supplies: orange safety cones yellow paint or tape white paint or tape glow necklaces chalk line marking where kids need to stand to toss
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Game 10: Witches Tongues Signed Up: 1 / 2

Kids get down on all fours and race to eat fruit roll ups attached to witch's faces like a tongue. Supplies: 4 witch heads (left over from last year) clothespins fruit roll ups/fruit by the foot chalk line for start
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I HAVE A NEW GAME IDEA!! Signed Up: 3 / 4

New, silly, fun, creative game idea that you will champion and assemble. Please meet with Linnea Olson to confirm.
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