Hello from Joan Bredthauer
Thu, Mar 26 3:56pm


It is 2:55pm as I write this from my living room.  In a normal world, I’d be heading to the auditorium at PS 58 and dismissal would just be starting.  Of course, this is a new normal. 

We are all attempting to find our way, everyone in new territory as students learn at home and parents juggle work and monitor the classworkNot to mention all the usual household needs you are taking care ofThere are going to be some funny moments, and many stressful moments.  Information and suggestions are coming at all of us with lightning speed from so many sources!  It’s great, but it’s a bit of a tsunami, right?  

So here’s what I want to say. 

Give yourself a break.  Literally.  Take a moment to deep breathe, call a friend, listen to some music. And remember that your children and their teachers need downtime, too! 

As for me, I am looking for a balance between sending you information and overwhelming you with the same!  I’ve added some resources to the Help Hub, see “Coping” and “Remote Learning & Enrichment”  if you want to see them. 

But here are two things that are important

  1. Please beware of scammers calling to set you up with COVID-19 testing.  Please contact your healthcare provider or call 311 for real info instead.
  2. Parents from other schools are getting emails confirming Ipad requests and asking for more information.  Some of these parents did not even request an ipad.   And the sender’s address is not a DoE email, so be careful.   

Finally, I continue to hope that all of our families are well.