Help Our Direct Appeal : Engage Your Networks!
Tue, Dec 3 8:11pm

It will be easier to achieve our Direct Appeal goal with help from others!


Even small contributions can have a big impact. For example, if only three additional people donated $65 on behalf of each family, then we could exceed our fundraising target and end our campaign today!


So, we ask that you please reach out right now to three people close to you -- a parent, a brother or sister, a friend -- and ask them to participate.


We’ve provided a message template below, which briefly explains the situation and makes the request. You only need to address and forward it.


Please consider enlisting your network to remind our kids that we can do more together. Their contributions (and yours) provide vital resources, like our library, field trips, STEM programs, and curriculum enrichment. They are key to supporting the outstanding education at PS58. 


We thank you for your ongoing support and invite you to contact us at if you have questions, concerns or suggestions.



 (Email Template)


Dear _____________


I’m writing to you to let you know that the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) at PS58, ________’s school, is in the midst of its annual fundraising drive and needs our help.


The PTA is one of the reasons PS58 has so much to offer. Whether it's supporting teacher training and grants; creating enrichment programs like chess, ballet and Met Opera; or maintaining vital resources, like our library, STEM programs and tech equipment, funding from the PTA creates many opportunities to help our children flourish.


This year’s “We Can Do It!” campaign to raise the funds for these resources has a goal of $237,000. Each family has been asked to contact the people closest to them and request help to reach that goal, which is why I am writing to you.


Would you be willing to make a contribution of $65 to support our school? You are welcome to give more or less, of course. What’s most important is for you to join us!


If you’re interested, here’s a link to make an online payment:


Thank you!