I need you email address, too: Final grade reports will be available in your NYC Schools Account in June--activate yours NOW
Thu, Jun 18 7:21am


This year,  report cards will only be available in your NYC Schools Account (NYCSA)*. This is the account that gives parents access to their children's attendance records, grades, state test scores, and more.  We expect final grades to be posted there in late June.  

Many of you have not created your NYC Schools Account, or have not added all of your children to your current account.  At least one parent in each family should have an active account by June.  

To create your account, please complete this NYC Schools Account activation request form.

Don't wait until the last days of school--I won't be able to process a high volume of requests in such a short time.


*NOTE:  The NYCSA (mystudent.nyc)  is not MySchools (myschools.nyc).