Important Message from the PS 58 PTA Executive Board
Sun, Mar 15 12:49pm

Hi fellow parents and families of PS58:

We’ve all been grappling with the unknowns associated with coronavirus and the constant wave of news and developments affecting each decision we make.

We haven’t wanted to over isolate or over react. Now to our dismay and sometimes surprise we’ve been finding ourselves cancelling birthday parties, play dates, family gatherings and deciding we don’t want to send our kids to school even if it stays open.

By now you have probably read or heard about the email principal Katie sent to the school Saturday night. You know that a parent at the school has tested positive. Although this news is dramatic, it is not necessarily surprising. The virus has been around and, had we had more testing, we would have very likely had more people test positive by now.

We are coming to accept that, in the spirit of the community commitment, we must use social distancing as a means to slow down the spread of the virus. While our children appear to be at a low risk for getting sick themselves, it is vital that we “flatten the curve” and slow the spread of the virus to the at-risk populations within our school community as well as the elderly and other at-risk populations living around us. 

As a board we are here to assist Katie and the entire staff of PS 58 in any way we can and support Katie’s call for the school to close. We believe that parents should do what makes the most sense for their health and their families, and remind them the NYC Department of Education policy is that no one will be penalized for COVID-19 -related absences during this time. We support Katie and the entire staff at PS 58 as well as Katie's call for the school to close at this time. Many of you have asked how you can support this effort. The best way to do that would be to keep your students home if you are able, and to call 311 to advocate for school closure.

We also pledge our support to the school administration and to the parent/student body to support and help organize all efforts regarding remote education, protocols, and any other communication, information sharing and technical resources we can round up.

We have an amazing community here and as we settle into the realities of this enormous shift in our lives we have so much to draw on together.  As the PTA we will work to find solutions and bring all our resources together.

More to come as things develop. We encourage talking, listening, sharing, and being compassionate in these difficult times.

Stay Safe, 

The PS 58 PTA Executive Board