Important message from the principal
Sat, Mar 14 6:42pm

                                                                                                                                                                           March 14, 2020

Dear PS 58 Families,


I am writing to you all to let you know that as of right now NYC schools continue to be open.  I am also reaching out to let you know that I have been notified that a member of our parent body has been confirmed to have tested positive for COVID-19. Perhaps you may have heard rumors milling already.  I have reached out to the Department of Education for additional guidance. They have mandated the building be cleaned at this time. Beyond that, I cannot wait for them and feel it is critical that I notify you. I feel very strongly about this and that is why I am writing to you to notify you, not to panic you. Information is critical at this time  The health and safety of our students, families and staff is our utmost priority. While we know that the risk of serious illness for the majority may be low, the risk of spreading the virus is more unknown. This individual is following the guidelines from their health care professionals and is not posing a risk to anyone in our community at this time.  Please monitor your own health and any symptoms as we have all been directed to do at this time. I will be sharing more information as soon as I have it.  


I am advocating in every way that I can that our school, as well all New York City Public Schools, be closed at this time. I cannot make that decision. I would if I could. I understand closing schools is a very complex issue for our city as a whole, I also whole-heartedly understand that you are all very worried. I understand that you are worried about the well-being of your families, yourself, our staff and our community. It is very hard to reconcile all the closures and postponed events both on a small and large scale and understand why having our regularly scheduled days in school continue. The Department of Education has told us that no one will be penalized for COVID-19 -related absences during this time. Please do what is best for each of your families individually. 


I understand that considering these recent developments you may wish to keep your child at home on Monday and moving forward. I also understand that our staff members will feel the same way.  However, I will be at school on Monday, as I do not expect they will close us at this time.  I know that we will work to create the best possible safe environment for your children if they are in school. 


 I know you may have many questions.  I will send updates as I get them.  I would be remiss if I did not say how fortunate and grateful I feel to work with such amazing students, staff, and this entire community every day.