Important: Information regarding an incident in Carroll Park yesterday
Thu, Mar 1 3:17pm
PS58 The Carroll School

Dear families,


We received a message from a neighboring school related to an incident in Carroll Park. We are taking this issue very seriously. We have briefed all of our staff and have asked everyone to be extra vigilant while outside of the building.  We have briefed all of the recess staff to continue to report any thing that is presumed to be suspicious or out of place.  I know that so many of you go to Carroll Park on a daily basis. This is of course a very important issue.  I have reached out to our Borough Safety Director to make sure that the appropriate agencies are all aware. 


Please see the message below:

A parent alerted the LePort Montessori staff that a nanny was in Carroll Park yesterday and was distracted by a caucasian woman in her 70s-80s, asking her invasive and personal questions about the child, while another caucasian woman in her 20s-30s took the child by the hand and began to walk away with him. A police report has been filed. The child and nanny are fine, but this is a very serious concern that we wanted to pass along to our community as many of you visit Carroll Park. 



Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions and concerns.


Many thanks,