Let Amazon donate to your PTA!!!
Wed, Nov 27 1:21pm

Dear PS58 Parents and Teachers,


The shopping season is coming ❄❅❆❅❆ let Amazon donate to your PTA!!!


Amazon Smile for PS58 : Did you know that if you shop with Amazon you can have your  purchases help PS58? 


Amazon Smile is the same Amazon you know. The same items. The same prices. Prime included. Amazon will give the PS58 PTA about 0.5% of what you spend. You just need to do a couple things to make it happen.


Desktop and Laptop Browsers

  1. Go to smile.amazon.com and set your charity to the “PS 58 PTA” If it’s not totally clear, here’s a video of how to do it. (This shows someone changing Smile charities, but signing up for your first charity is very similar.)

  2. Make sure to shop smile.amazon.com. If you shop plain old amazon.com the donation won’t happen. Here are a few ways to make sure you always go to Smile:
  • Put a bookmark on your browser
  • Install amazon assistant
  • Install smile always for Chrome
  • Have your kids do all this for you


Android Amazon App

  1.     Get the latest version of the app.
  2.     View Settings and select AmazonSmile.
  3.     Follow the in-App instructions to complete the process.


Apple iPhone Amazon App

Doesn’t support Smile yet. However, if you put something in your cart in the iPhone Amazon App and then go to smile.amazon.com on your laptop or desktop computer, the item will be in your cart. If you finish the transaction on the website the donation will happen.


Thank you for your continuing support and happy shopping!

The PS58 PTA team

And remember you can always donate to our fundraising efforts directly by going here:  ps58brooklyn.com