Message from Principal Dello Stritto sharing letter to Mayor DeBlasio from D15 Principals
Thu, Aug 13 11:56am

Dear Families:

I want to share a letter with you at this time. My colleagues from District 15 and I collaborated on this letter as we felt it was imperative that Mayor DeBlasio and Chancellor Carranza understand our concerns and the efforts we have made to escalate those questions and concerns.  Our letter is attached.
Our ultimate goal is to make sure that a safe opening to our schools buildings will be successful. Without clear answers to the many questions we have submitted to the Department of Education, which you will see in this letter, we are asking for a different approach for the beginning of the school year. 
I mentioned during the sessions for families last week that there are a number of very big questions that we need answers to in order to safely open our school buildings. Please make no mistake, the staff and I want to be in-person educators.  We know the toll remote learning has taken on the students and their families. However, any kind of blended model needs to be successful.  At the moment, we are trying our absolute best to prepare for blended learning but also for the possibility of a need to pivot to an all-remote learning scenario at the same time. 

I appreciate your continued support of our school community and am extremely grateful to our dedicated staff and our hard working and dedicated students and their families. 

Thank you,