Mural Project Session 2
Mon, Feb 10 4:30pm-6:30pm
PS58 The Carroll School
1 day before


We are excited to invite you to a painting session to kick off our mural project that will be installed in our auditorium this spring. If you are interested we will be having 2 sessions Sunday February 9th 2-5pm & Monday February 10th 4:30-6:30. We invite families, teachers and administration to come and paint with us. We are able to accommodate 15 people for each day. 


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This is a 4th grade project but any student is welcome to join either of these 2 sessions. Below is a description of our mural project. We look forward to continuing our mural project every year expanding on our public art vision for our school. We are thrilled to begin this year with you! We hope that you will join us for this inaugural community event.


The upper art (Mrs. Ferreira) and upper music teacher (Ms. Alden) will be collaborating with the Brooklyn Arts Council to create Mural project that will represent artists/scientists/writers that are actively working on changing world through their artistic voice. The artwork will ultimately adorn the walls of the school's auditorium, and may be designed in a manner as to allow for additions in succeeding years, so that future 4th grade students may contribute to the school's artistic legacy.  The Brooklyn Arts Council will be providing a teaching artist to introduce the 4th grade students to public art and murals, including sharing examples of the artists own work, and an overview of the mural-making process. Over the course of the next few months students will be working in small groups with Mrs. Ferreira in the art studio creating a design that represents their chosen artist vision. The unveiling will include students representing the chosen activist/artist/organizations as well as Brooklyn Arts Council artist and Mrs. Ferreira and Ms. Alden.

Questions?  Sarah Alden:, Shenandoah Ferreira: