Opportunities for Public Comment on Rezoning D15
Mon, May 6 6:30pm-8:30pm
PS58 The Carroll School - Auditorium
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Subject: Opportunities for Public Comment on Rezoning D15


Dear D15 Friends and Families,

As a result of new school construction at PS 32 in Carroll Gardens, we are exploring a rezoning for the school year 2020 - 2021. School rezonings serve multiple functions and this rezoning has the potential to relieve overcrowding and promote diversity within District 15. Any proposed rezoning changes would primarily impact incoming pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, or new students to the system beginning in 2020-2021.

CEC15 and the Office of District Planning are creating multiple opportunities for you to express your suggestions on how we can make thoughtful and community driven changes through this rezoning. Files are attached for your review that include current maps of District 15, the first District Planning Presentation, along with data on the schools that may be impacted through this rezoning.

There are multiple ways that you can share your comments and concerns with CEC15, Superintendent Skop and the Office of District Planning. 

Upcoming CEC15 May Meeting Dates include:
May 2D15 Diversity Plan Update with Public Comment Period, 6:00pm at P.S. 24, 427 38th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232
May 6: Community Meeting with District Planning (Good opportunity for those who missed the 4/18 presentation or have additional feedback/questions), 6:30pm at P.S. 58, 330 Smith Street Brooklyn, NY 11231
May 9CEC15 Business Meeting with Public Comment Period, 6:30pm at P.S. 124, 515 4th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215
May 20District Planning Presentation and Discussion, 6:30pm at P.S. 32, 317 Hoyt Street Brooklyn, NY 11231
May 23CEC15 Calendar Meeting with Public Comment Period, 6:30pm at P.S. 676, 27 Huntington Street Brooklyn, NY 11231

In addition, we will be in touch over the coming weeks with additional opportunities for engagement as we move through this process.

CEC15 has formed a Zoning Subcommittee consisting of the following Council Members:
Pres Camille CasarettiSec Antonia FerraroTreas Charles StarBPA Neal Zephyrin and CM Scott Powell
You may reach out to them directly with any comments or concerns that you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you will attend some of the May meetings.

Best regards,



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Camille Casaretti (President), Elena Romero (Co-Vice President 1/BP Appointee), Kathy Park Price (Co-Vice President 2), Antonia Ferraro (Secretary), Charles Star (Treasurer), Lili Velez (Parliamentarian), Yanfeng Zhang (ELL Representative), Nicole Brier (IEP Representative), Neal Zephyrin (BP Appointee), Mark Bisard (Council Member), Scott Powell (Council Member)