PTA Meeting Link Disabled
Fri, Sep 4 5:11pm

To the PS 58 Community:

We have learned that the internal recording of Wednesday evening’s General PTA Meeting was shared outside of our community in a way that was not intended or foreseen.

We fully support every parent’s right to express their opinions about our meetings—their content and how they are conducted—to whomever they wish. However, we strongly feel that the public posting of a recording of internal debate creates a distrustful environment in which participants will not feel safe expressing themselves frankly in the future.

Given the intensity of the dialogue during and since the meeting, the Executive Board wants to be sure that we have a considered approach to this matter; but we are unable to reconvene over the long holiday weekend. As an interim matter, until we reach a consensus decision, we have disabled the meeting link.

The recording of PTA meetings is not mandatory. Since the advent of the COVID-19 crisis, we have made meeting recordings available as a courtesy to parents who were unable to attend them for scheduling reasons. These recordings were never intended to be shared publicly.

We will meet during the week of September 7 to discuss our recording policy and the question of recordings going forward. We will update the entire community with more information.

Thanks for your understanding,

Zachary Knower
PS 58 PTA VP Communications 2020-2021 School Year