Principal's Update
Fri, Mar 27 2:32pm

Please read this message from Katie...


Dear PS 58 Families:


Hello to everyone in our community.  To say that I miss you all dearly would be an understatement.  I am writing to you as I conference-call with teachers to troubleshoot how to improve our online learning now that we've had some hands-on experience with it. I want to keep my focus on what we know for sure at this time.  You are juggling a lot:  I hear that loud and clear and we will do what we can to help our community. I know each one of you is working so hard to create schedules that are both flexible and consistent enough to have some sense of normalcy in our very abnormal world. Thank you for all of your patience as we move ahead on this journey. 

We have almost completed week one of remote learning. While I am not surprised by the level of work the staff has put into their remote learning platforms, I am awed, inspired and very lucky to work with educators with the level of dedication they possess. Each step of the way we have been meeting to brainstorm and problem solve, and will continue to work each day to make things better.  The teachers are teaching remotely to children who may have had a hard time concentrating and focusing in a real classroom. Now, we have the added expectation that the students stay focused at home where there are so many other distractions.  We are trying to maintain continuity of instruction via the internet, with minimal prep time or training, but we are doing it. I can promise you that everyone is trying their best.

It is logical that everyone is worried about the well being of those that they care about.  We all miss the kids and every teacher and staff member misses the students. Our staff as a whole is also juggling the needs of our families while trying our absolute best to teach the students in our community remotely. 

We should be realistic in our expectations and celebrate what we can do at this time.  No one is expecting anyone to be the perfect homeschooling parent. I know that everyone is torn between working from home and helping their children learn. Perhaps you are an essential worker and you are going through so much as a critical member of our community. Please know that the safety and well being of your family continues to be paramount. 

Joan shared with you the new Parent Help Hub that she created to put all the resources together that you might need during these new and changing times.  

Please look for a parent survey to gather feedback on how we can improve our online learning platforms, and take a moment to fill it out. We want to know what is--and what is not--working for you.

I have so much faith in our community and I know we will come through this very hard time stronger than ever. 


Sending all of my best to all of you,