READ-A-THON - Keep On Loggin'
Fri, Jan 26 12:50pm
PS58 The Carroll School

READ-A-THON Keep On Loggin’

Don’t lose steam; we have 11 days to go! Continue to encourage your kids to READ, LOG and find SPONSORS this weekend.

If you are into social media, have your child write a letter about the READ-A-THON and post it. Or create a video. You may be surprised how passionate people are when it comes to children reading; I bet you pick up a few extra sponsors. Sponsors can donate online. It’s easy! All they need is this link, in the notes section they can include your child’s name.

We continue to receive wonderful feedback about the READ-A-THON and how they love the energy around the event – THANK YOU!


Visit here for more PLEDGE FORMS and READING LOGS.

Click here to make an online donation.


Ready, Set, Have Fun Reading…

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