REMINDER: Fill out your child's electronic emergency contact card!
Mon, Oct 21 9:35am

Dear PS 58 Families:


This year we are using a new system to keep track of your child’s emergency contacts.  We will soon eliminate the traditional paper “blue cards” and will keep all student emergency contact information in our new, secure online system, My BlueCard.  Teachers and staff will be able to access your child’s information quickly to contact you if your child becomes sick or is injured at school.  The account also lists the people to whom you have given permission to pick up your child, and lists any health alerts for your child. 


All families should take a moment now to create an electronic blue card for each of their children at PS 58.


  • Open an up to date browser. (The system does not support older versions of Internet Explorer. )
  • Go to
  • Complete and submit the registration form. 
  • TIP: If your home address does not appear in the drop down menu, please try typing it like this:  2 2nd Street  INSTEAD OF  2 Second Street
  • Tap “Add a Child” to create a BlueCard for your child.
  • Use the Contacts section to add OTHER trusted people who can be contacted in an emergency if we cannot reach you or another parent. 
  •  When done, tap “Share this BlueCard” and search for:  CARROLL SCHOOL.   IMPORTANT: If you only put “PS 58” in the search bar, you will get all schools in the 5 boroughs that have the number “58”. Make sure you are sharing your personal information with usPS 58 The Carroll School.
  • Tap “Share BlueCard” next to PS 58 The Carroll School, sign and send.
  •  Log back in to update your info anytime, from any device.  The school will see your changes instantly.


IMPORTANT NOTEIf you move, you must bring a utility bill with your new address to Tina Nyffler in the main office.  It is not sufficient just to change the address on the electronic card.  We must also update the address in the Dep't. of Education official database, aka "ATS", manually.  If you get a new phone number, change it on the blue card but also alert us so that we may change it officially in ATS.


Need more help?   Here is a link to   Instructions to create your MyBlueCard account  in multiple languages.  There are helpful videos at this link, too.


If you have any questions, please contact me.