SBO vote at the December PTA meeting 12/13 (Wed)
Mon, Dec 11 2:37pm
PS58 The Carroll School
Find out what's happening at PS58 at the December PTA meeting!
Wednesday, December 13th
8:00 am
In addition to updates from the Principal and our Committee Chairs, we will be voting on this year's School Based Option (non-attendance day for students on June 25th, 2018).  We hope you'll attend!  For more information on the SBO please see Ms. Dello Stritto's message below. 
"What is a School Based Option (SBO)? A SBO is when the staff of a NYCDOE school vote to make a change in the city-wide collective bargaining agreement to meet the needs of a particular school. The PS 58 staff voted in November on whether we wanted to change the last full school day of the year (Monday, June 25th, 2018) from a normal school day to a full-day professional development/planning session with students not in attendance.  While we do have regular pockets of time during the year for professional development and planning with our colleagues, they are generally short bursts of time jammed into our regular day-to-day scheduling. A full day at the end of June would allow us to take stock of what we have learned for this year, collaborate with our colleagues, and dig deeper into how we can make the next school year even better. Last year in June 2017 this day allowed us to come together as a whole staff to focus on Responsive Classroom techniques that support our students as they grow socially and emotionally. We hope to continue this work this year and plan for even stronger implementation for 2018-2019.
The vote passed with 90% of the staff voting in favor of a professional development day/student non-attendance day for June 25th.  This would alter the default DOE calendar; therefore, the vote must be ratified by a vote of the PTA.  Last year, a basically identical SBO was passed by the staff and ratified with the overwhelming support of the PTA, but never reached fruition; because of the number of snow days last year. The DOE canceled all additional professional development days and our staff voted to devote one of their clerical days to professional development. We hope that we will see a strong turnout of parents on Wednesday morning, and that the PTA will vote in favor of a measure designed to strengthen our school community for the coming year."