So amazing! We have FOUR CEC Candidates!!! View the CEC Candidate's Forum and provide feedback
Tue, Jul 7 3:24pm
The four candidates from PS 58 are Edward Alexander, Ling Marquardt, Nancy Randall and Carly Strelzik Wiessmann...
The Community Education Council D15 is a team of mostly parent volunteers who meet monthly to examine issues facing district families and schools.  They have an important role in representing the needs of D15 families as they advise the Superintendent and Chancellor on policy, including educational programs, changes to zoning or admissions, and more.  As you may know, our school is expected to undergo a change to the zone or to admissions policies affecting new students in September 2021.
Our CEC has three vacant parent positions.  New members are selected by D15 school PTA Officers. 
You can "meet" the current candidates in this recording of last night's Candidates Forum.
Then, please provide feedback to the PTA Selectors via this google form.
For everything you ever wanted to know about CECs and the schools, visit NYC Parent