Update for September 15th
Tue, Sep 15 5:20pm

Dear families,


I am writing to you this afternoon to express our gratitude as you continue to hang with us in this lengthy and difficult process. Our team has been working around the clock over the course of the last few weeks to program and reprogram the school. As I realize that this is incredibly frustrating for all of you - I hope you can understand as educators this has been hard for our staff as well. We are planners, we like to have long range plans and goals and we continue to be put in a position where we have to change our plans.  We have been inundated with requests and special circumstances. We are working to make it work as best as we possibly can for all students and families. We can not always make it perfect. 


Over the course of the next three days - the students in both fully remote and hybrid learning will have the opportunity to meet their teacher or teachers for the school year. To ensure that teachers and students are not overlapping you will hear from your child's teacher for  meet and greet sessions, as we are working to schedule sessions at different times across different grades. 


Unfortunately, as students continue to move from different models we have had to make last minute changes and work to keep our socially distant numbers safe. Thank you for your patience - we know there have been technology issues. We will be working to make any changes to classes on Konstella as things move along in the next two days. We will have this resolved for the official start of learning on Monday September 21st.


A few other updates:

1. Thank you to everyone who has joined out parent info sessions over the last week. Thank you for continuing to ask us your questions. We have escalated any questions we were not able to answer to the Central DOE offices.


2. We have prioritized students who have requested needed technology for our fully remote learners. We will then be working through the list of families that have requested technology for students in the hybrid model that do have indicated they do not have a device at home. 


3. Please make sure to check the file on Konstella for a suggested supply lists for each grade. Please note our school community will provide supplies to any student who does not have the supplies they need over the course of the year. 


Again, we want to thank you for your patience during this time. 

We look forward to seeing all of our students in person or in the virtual world in the days to come. 


All the best,