Using P-EBT, Plus Updates on Fundraiser and Food Drive with PS 676
Mon, Sep 14 9:02am

Dear PS 58 Families,

Thank you so much everyone who has donated to our pandemic relief fundraiser and food drive. Our partners at PS 676 have expressed their gratitude for your help in ensuring that children can start the school year nourished and ready to learn. 

Now that many families have started receiving their P-EBT cards, we wanted to provide some information about how to use the cards. Please scroll down for detailed setup instructions and information on where to shop. For those who have not yet received the cards - ODT has stated that cards will continue to be mailed out through the end of September, so you should receive them within the next few weeks.

We would also like to share some updates on the fundraiser and food drive. Please remember that both of these are completely voluntary. PS 58 families who need support during this difficult time can reach out to Joan Bredthauer. Resources are available.

Two Ways to Help Families in Need:

Cash Equivalent Donation: If you are able to do so, use the benefit to purchase food for your own family, and then donate all or part of the cash-equivalent to fund the purchase of fresh groceries, household essentials, and school supplies for PS 676 families in need. The fundraiser on Konstella has been extended through Monday, October 5th. 

Food Drive: For those who prefer to donate food, PS 58 parent Christine Toes Muldoon has generously offered to extend the food drive taking place in front of her home.

  • Where: 42 4th Place between Clinton/Henry. Bins will be located under the stoop, inside the gate.
  • When: Monday 9/14 to Friday 9/25. Drop off Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • What: Most helpful items include beans, rice, canned vegetables, tuna, mac and cheese, canned spaghetti/ravioli, peanut butter, jelly, cereal, and breakfast bars.

Donations will be distributed to families in need at PS 676 and PS 58.

Using your P-EBT Card:

Step 1: Set up your PIN. This must be done prior to using the card. It can only be done by calling the automated phone system at 1-888-328-6399 (It cannot be set up online).

IMPORTANT: First, you will be asked to enter the last four digits of the cardholder’s Social Security Number. Do NOT enter the last four digits of the child’s Social Security Number.

Instead you must enter the four-digits representing the month and day (MM/DD) of the child’s birth. For example, if the child’s birthday is July 4, enter 0704. Be sure to enter the child’s actual birthday and not the fake birthday printed on the front of the card. (It shows as 01/01/1900 on all P-EBT cards).

For more details, the ODT site has written instructions and an instructional video.

Step 2: Set up your account online (optional). Got to Select New York State and proceed through the flow to create your account.


  • Chrome users will get a message directing them to use IE or Firefox. Some users have reported that it worked fine with Chrome.
  • When setting your password, please note that it must consist of uppercase and lowercase characters and numbers (no symbols), and it must be 8-12 characters long.

If you prefer not to set up an online account, you can access your account balance by calling 888-328-6399 and entering your account number and PIN. You can also ask the cashier to check your balance at any participating food store.

Step 3: Shop! The benefit can be used to purchase eligible food items from any authorized retail seller that accepts EBT. This includes local supermarkets, drugstores, and delis around the neighborhood and some online retailers, such as Amazon Fresh. You can support our neighbors in Red Hook by using your card at Red Hook Farms, or you can support local farmers by using P-EBT at most GrowNYC greenmarkets and farmstands - including the Sunday farmers’ market right outside of PS 58. At the point of sale, you will need to use the PIN that you set up when activating the card. 

Instructions and other information can be found in the New York State P-EBT FAQ.