Winter Enrichment Class Updates: Girls' Lacrosse & Ping Pong + New Classes!
Thu, Nov 21 11:43am


A couple of updates and corrections to our winter course guide --

On Tuesdays, Ms. Lili Ann & Ms. Pfiefer will be offering Ping Pong for grades 3, 4 and 5 (I mistakenly included Archery). The price remains the same: $265 for the session.

On Wednesdays, we will be offering Girls' Lacrosse in the gym for grades 2, 3, 4 & 5. Both new & returning students are welcome! We will not be offering Sports & Games for Grades 2 & 3. 

For group lessons in our piano lesson program, we have two spots at 4:40pm on Thursdays and 1 spot at 3:10pm and 4 spots at 4:40pm on  Fridays. This is a correction from what was stated previously in the course guide. Group lessons are open to all grades K - 5.

Check out our tips for registration and helpful links here!

I also wanted to highlight some of our new classes:


Direct and Star in Your Own Film Short! Five4Five Films offers your child a unique opportunity to create original short films! Storytelling, writing, acting, directing, producing, and more, your child will experience first-hand the primary components of the filmmaking process to bring their ideas to life! Utilizing children's vast imaginations, our experienced filmmaking instructors provide a safe, fun, and inspiring environment for your child to express themselves and be themselves and explore their boundless creative vision. Whether behind the camera or in front, no prior interest in or knowledge of filmmaking is required. Just an imagination to create and a desire to explore. A showcase of all the great work will be available at the end of term showcase. Teacher: Five4Five Films. Grades: 3/4/5. Class fee: $960. Payment plan available.

Recycled Paper Arts: Children will learn how to make recycled paper and create different projects with it. We will bind the pages into books to make journals, photo albums, greeting cards and more. Children will also learn silkscreen technique to make original designs for their recycled paper projects. Grades: 2/3. Teacher: Lili Ann Jankowski.  Class fee: $305.


Cheer Team: In cheer team, students will be working on various athletic skills such as jumps, dance, chanting, tumbling, and partner stunting. Mastering these skills will require students to cooperate and work together in order to succeed. No previous experience is required. Teacher: Rivka Taub. Grades: 3/4/5. Class fee: $185.

The Fashion Class: The Fashion Class After School combines the best parts of design and creativity! Students will learn to sew by hand and with a sewing machine, illustrate clothing and conceptualize their very own apparel brand in this fashion-themed course. This winter Fashion Design students will make comfy PJ shorts and a matching sleeping mask. All projects are take-home and fabric and supplies are included. At the end of the course, students have an opportunity to show off their work in a mini fashion show! Teacher: The Fashion Class. Grades: 3/4/5. Class fee: $335.

Italian Classes with Collina Italiana: Collina Italiana offers Italian language lessons for students. An experienced instructor provides opportunities for kids to learn the language through play and activities: games, songs, dances, storytelling, and film (Disney movies in Italian). Students with some experience of Italian: Session 1 (3:10pm to 4:30pm); Beginners: Session 2 (4:30 pm to 5:30pm). Childcare for students in the second session is include BEFORE the lesson. Grades: K/1/2/3/4/5. Class Fee: $280.

Playwriting & Performance: A class for creative students who want make their own stories! In pairs, students will write their own plays. At the end of the session, we will have a reading of their work performed by their classmates! Teacher: Kaaron Briscoe Minefree. Grades: 2/3. Class fee: $230.


String Ensemble for Grades 4 & 5: Join the PS58 string ensemble! This program will be taught by Ms. Alden, the upper grades, music teacher and will allow our 4th and 5th graders to further develop their musicianship in our afterschool enrichment program. All violin, viola, cello & bass students in 4th and 5th grade are eligible. No audition. Join today! Teacher: Sarah Alden. Grades: 4/5. Class fee: $100.


Raise The Bar: Hip Hop Songwriting, Studio Recording, and Performance: Learn the ins and outs of collaborative songwriting and recording of a structured Hip Hop & R&B song. Choose to rap, sing the chorus, play a role in writing or performing. Help to curate and participate in a choreographed live performance at the end of the Raise the Bar program. Receive a professionally mixed and mastered MP3 of the song. Students are guided and taught by an established Billboard Charts and Rolling Stone Magazine featured former hip hop artist known to us as Mr. Marc. Hear samples Raise The Bar songs at Grades 3/4/5. Class fee: $600. Payment plans available.


Carolyn P