Year-End Giving
Wed, Dec 20 12:52pm
PS58 The Carroll School



PS58 PTA is a registered 501(c)3 organization. So, all donations to our Direct Appeal are fully tax deductible!


If you would like to take advantage of this valuable benefit in 2017 (before potential changes to the tax code may affect your eligibility), please remember to make your donation by December 30.


As a reminder, our PTA will spend ~$310,000 (~$425 per family) this year to enrich the curriculum with programs like chess and ballroom dance, provide vital resources like our library and music program, and empower teachers with grants for special materials and the latest training.


So, if you’d like to participate now — please give $425 today or $58 monthly for the rest of the school year to cover your family. Give more if you can (to sponsor other families) or less if you can’t.


In any case, we appreciate your support and wish you the best during the holiday season ahead. Cheers!