1st Grade Cohort B LEARNING POD
We are parents of three 1st grade kids at PS58 (in different classes). We have put together a Learning Pod and are looking for a fourth member. It’s a Tuesday / Thursday Pod so if you are in COHORT B, this might be an affordable option (compared with many of the Learning Pods put together through schools and formal programs) for academic coverage this year. The general idea is that we’ve hired a great teacher who will stay in step with the PS58 1st grade curriculum on the days the kids are NOT at school. The location is in a great big, sunny room in a church on Clinton Street with huge windows creating excellent ventilation + a massive outdoor courtyard for play. MOSTLY IMPORTANTLY, the POD will continue if/when the PS 58 closes down and we will still have academic support. We will follow our own set of safety protocols but exposure will be much less with only 4 kids. We went into this knowing that we needed academic coverage outside the home and also no screen time. Here are the learning pod details for four children: Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays Times: 9:30-1:30 Location: Christ Church of Cobble Hill 326 Clinton Street (at Kane) Curriculum / Teacher: Katie Malnati (credentials available) will try to follow the PS 58 curriculum and mostly focus on reading, writing and math. She incorporate creative play, field trips and some physical activity to keep the curriculum interesting. Health/Safety: If/when public schools and Carroll Kids close, the Learning Pod continues unless city mandates otherwise. The teacher will go to great lengths to clean before and after each session, help kids keep masks on and wash hands frequently. Temps will be taken in the morning as well as additional safety protocols. We’re keeping the pod small and in an enormous space with big windows that open. Cost per family per week (for teacher and church rental): $190 Please reach out to us if you interested. We are launching Tuesday, September 29th. - Mystelle
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