Talent Show poster contest deadline extension
Sat, Feb 23 7:53am
Palo Verde Elementary

The submission for Palo Verde Talent Show Poster Contest has been extended to Thursday, Feb 28th 3:00 pm

We understand that there are still many kids who want to participate in this contest and were short on time. Hence, deadline has been extended to Feb 28th by 3:00 pm. If you love art, consider creating a poster graphic

for our annual Talent Show.


⦁Use standard copy paper, 8 ½" x 11"

⦁Medium: Use Colored pencils, markers, or colored ink pens. Do not use pencil or chalk

⦁Fill the whole page with your images, and make sure to use vibrant colors!

⦁Do not write any text on your entry: i.e. name of the production, production dates, etc. Just focus on the artwork!

⦁Art work must be the original work of the student.

⦁On the back of your entry, please write legibly using pencil, the following:

~ Your name, first and last

~ Your grade

~ One of your parents name and their e-mail address


Palo Verde 1st ~ 5th Graders


Please turn in your artwork to Talent Show Poster Contest basket in the School Office. Original artwork will not be returned, please make electronic copy for your personal records.


Submitted artwork will be used to create a slideshow which will be played during the talent show and posted at the school. Time to show your talent as an artist.


Email: Laam Wong (laam.wong@gmail.com), Vandana Adya (vandanagoog@gmail.com) or Iva Reid (izreid@gmail.com)