A message from Boosterthon
Tue, Sep 11 7:52pm
Penny Road Elementary

Penny Road Families- 


We are thinking and hoping for a safe weekend ahead for everyone and that our number 1 concern is everyone's safety.  We understand this is an interesting time for everyone and hope we can still come together and help the PTA reach their goal to make purchases for New Technology, School Improvements, and Teacher Givebacks. We are currently 46% to the school goal.  Will you consider helping tonight by making one pledge? 


We appreciate all the support and again are hoping for a very safe weekend ahead for everyone. We will put all fundraising efforts on hold once we get further news of potential closings. We know that your family's safety is everyone's main focus right now. We are here for the Penny Road community!


-Your Penny Road Boosterthon Team