Courtyard Clean-Up
Wed, May 1 9:30am-11:30am
Penny Road Elementary
1 day before

As you all know, WCPSS will be closed on Wednesday, May 1st as educators from throughout North Carolina are planning to gather in Raleigh to attend a rally at the General Assembly to improve classroom opportunities for our children and to improve working conditions for teachers, bus drivers, cafeteria workers and others who support our schools.


We are hosting a Courtyard Clean-Up as a way to show our support for our teachers.  We have  teachers who are eager to have their students work in the gardens in our school's courtyard but there isn't time to get the raised beds cleared out.  


So grab your gardening gloves, bring some some small tools and join us.  There is plenty to do and jobs for kids of all ages!  

We are happy to offer volunteer hours for any older students who need them!