Welcome! Penny Road Hospitality Committee Needs Your Support!
Mon, Sep 9 7:30pm

Hello Panda Parents!


We hope the transition back into school mode is going smoothly for our returning Panda's and exciting and fun for our new Panda friends! The classrooms look warm and cheery and the hallways are already filled with artwork and flare...it is easy to see our teachers and staff love what they do! 


How can we show these amazing teachers and faculty that we appreciate what they do??!


Cue the Hospitality Committee.  


This committee is dedicated to serving the school and our wonderful staff.  Whether it be monthly breakfasts and luncheons, organizing staff appreciation week, stocking the lounge or preparing for various staff events...we got it covered! 


With 65 staff members your support is of great importance.  We can't do it without you!  Please consider helping our school by signing up to contribute to these wonderful events.  Make sure to download the Konstella app, it is a very useful tool to stay connected with our school community.  Please watch for sign-ups and announcements from the Hospitality Committee.


Your first chance to help will be the initial staff lounge sign-up which will be posted later this  week.  This provides coffee, snacks, paper products and other essentials to these much deserving teachers!  It can be as easy as an Amazon order or a monetary contribution.  A detailed list will be provided in each sign-up.  


This year we are introducing monthly breakfast events.  This month we are providing bagels, cream cheese and fruit.  You can purchase the items and drop them off the morning of staff breakfast.  You can also make a monetary contribution and we will purchase the items on your behalf.  


We will be organizing themed staff luncheons. These events are always greatly appreciated by the staff and teachers.  The first luncheon will be held on October 16th.  Please watch for the sign-up in early October.  


If you are interested in staying connected and helping the Hospitality Committee, please reach out!  We would love any and all help.  It is a fun way to get involved, support our school and show appreciation to our amazing teachers and staff.  


Please email or message us through  Konstella.  

Laura Taylor- laurataylorrn@gmail.com 

Edie Marino- emarino777@gmail.com 

Lynsey Birne- lyharrin1@gmail.com 


Thank you for your continued support!  The staff, teachers and Hospitality Committee appreciate you!  Wishing everyone a great school year!   


It is always a good day to thank a teacher!  


Hospitality Committee

Beth, Lynsey, Laura and Edie