Nature Classroom Clean up
Pine Grove Elementary - Nature classroom

Good afternoon families,

As many of you know we have a nature classroom in the back southwest area of the schoolyard.

Last year, we created a classroom space and cleaned up the trail loop.


This year, we received grant from the Avon Education Foundation to add a shed and a whiteboard for outdoor learning.


But, of course with all the summer rain and heat, the weeds are back!


We could really use your help for one hour on Saturday, 9/16 from 3-4pm. My goal is to at least make the classroom area weed free so that the kids can get back out there for reading, yoga, and nature experiences.


Please consider giving an hour of your time. The kids really did enjoy using the classroom last year. The faster we get this cleaned up, the sooner they get back out there.


Please call me with any questions at 202-549-2185 or email at

This is a school sponsored program and not a program provided by or maintained by the PTO.


Thank you!

Erin Barthel


Weeding help Signed Up: 6 / 30

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