eWallet Instructions for the Book Fair
Wed, Nov 8 12:15pm

Set up your eWallet now for the Book Fair at PGS

Nov. 13th - 17th!

Students will be previewing books on Monday and Tuesday of next week and are able to purchase books with their class Wednesday through Friday. To use eWallet, set up your child's account prior to their scheduled purchase day.

eWallet is Scholastic's alternative to using cash at the Book Fair.  You can add funds to your child's eWallet by going to our school's website:


Just follow the steps under eWallet - Get Started.  

If you had funds remaining in your eWallet after last year's Book Fair, this money was converted into an eGift card. You can use the remaining balance to fund a new eWallet for this year's fair and add additional funds as well.  Access your eGift card by logging into your Scholastic account. 

**Please note that funds placed in your child's eWallet account that are not used at this Book Fair will be saved as a Scholastic eGift Card and can be used for future Book Fairs or online Scholastic purchases.  These funds do not expire.

Thank you for your support!

Questions??? Please contact the PGS PTO at  info@pgspto.com