A Playground at PFA
Tue, Oct 25 10:14am

We are very excited to announce that by the end of this school year, PFA should have a play ground. The Lord has blessed us with Dan Morgan, the grandfather of one of our students, who has come forward to take charge of making a play ground become a reality for PFA. It will be located in the corner of the play area where the basket ball hoops are currently standing. There will be two play structures, one for ages two through five, and one for five  through twelve. They will be on a padded surface and the younger playground will be surrounded by a small face.

You will see a variety of fundraising activities through out the year, along with bigger activities to bring in funding from outside sources.

Our first family fundraiser will be selling organic goat's milk soap. more information to follow. 

I have attached a mockup of the older child play structure.