End of Quarter and Grades
Tue, Oct 18 12:51pm

We are coming to the end of our first quarter of school work. For those students in 3rd through 12th grade, who receive actual grades, I want to remind your of the expectation we have toward school work as written in our Student Handbook.

Academic Diligence

Assignment due dates are to be honored. Part of the student’s character building process is helping them learn how to schedule their time wisely in order to turn assignments in on time. Each year we see the need to challenge the students to higher standards, and as we do, we see that they are able to reach them. By enrolling your student in PFA, you have placed them under the authority of another teacher; that teacher is now responsible for a portion of their education, and accordingly, the parent and the student should respect the assignments required. Remember, a student can always contact his student’s teacher if they have questions about the assignments. Otherwise, each student is required to be at PFA on time with assignments completed. Pg 21



Grade levels K-2nd do not receive official grades. All other grade levels will have their grades posted on Canvas, usually within a week of the project/assignment being turned in. It is imperative that the parent check their students grades every week to be aware of any problems.

The academic grade is based upon the actual work done on homework, quizzes, tests, reports, etc. It is important you respect the assignments and the grades that your student’s teacher has given. If you are questioning a grade, please approach the teacher in a respectful, cordial manner and make your inquires. Do not casually disregard your teacher’s evaluation of your student’s work. You have given them the responsibility to prepare lessons, teach class, and correct work. You must also give them the respect of honoring the grades they have given.  Pg22


Unless your student has a diagnosed learning challenge, and we have worked together to establish a customized learning program, all students expected to complete their work to the best of their ability and on time. Our teachers work very hard to provide a good, well-balanced learning experience. It is only fair that this will be respected by the students doing their best.

If a student gets a 'D' or 'F' in a subject the end of the quarter , they may be put on academic probation, and without further improvement, may be removed from the class. 

By signing up with PFA, you are delegating the responsibility of creating and executing the curriculum. Please show respect for the teacher by completing assigned work. This is not a "pick and choose," program.

If you have further questions regarding our policies, please speak with Mrs. Kistler.