Family Fun Day!
Tue, May 7 10:16am

Let's have some family fun on the last day of school for this year!


Instead of coming to campus, we will be meeting together at the park for fun fellowship, signing yearbooks and sharing a potluck brunch. This is a fun time for all students, parents and teachers. 


All students will receive yearbooks at the park. Bring fun pens for signing!


We will gather at 10:00am at J.D. Morgan Park (Budd side). We strongly encourage families to carpool! We will be ending by 11:30am though the ending time is flexible, if you desire to leave early or stick around later.  


We would ask that a parent or designated guardian accompany students under 14 years of age, for the entire event. 


Please bring brunch food or drink to share with your PFA family. All food can be brought to the area upon arrival. Please take home any trays or leftover food you brought. We don't have any use for the leftover food! Thank you!



A-C Please bring a fruit/veggie snack to share


D-J Please bring a savory snack to share


K-M Please bring a protein dish/snack to share 


N-R Please bring a sweet snack to share


S-Z Please bring drinks to share


We look forward to seeing you all there!