Local Homeschool Workshop
Thu, Feb 1 9:38am

In this workshop, Sue Ruggles will equip you to make improvements to your homeschooling plan, to inspire you, and provide tips to keep you all motivated to finish the year strong! It’s that time of year that many moms and kids struggle to keep going. Your homeschooling plans may have not worked out the way you expected and you are in need of some encouragement. 

Come learn from a veteran homeschool mom with over 15 years of homeschool experience. Her kids had a variety of homeschool experiences from solely home, PFA, Live Oak Academy, HEART, and co-ops. Sue has taught wellness classes at HEART, tutored struggling kids, and coaches homeschool moms. Sue is passionate about supporting moms, sharing her knowledge and the experience she has gained on her journey. She incorporates a holistic Biblical approach, understanding that homeschooling is more than academics. Her goal through this workshop is to help moms grow themselves to raise responsible adults who love Jesus and feel equipped to face the challenges of homeschooling. 

You will leave feeling hopeful, have some easy ideas to implement, and be more confident that you are on the right path with your kids!

The workshop is on Sun., Feb 4th from 1-2:30 at Hillside Church near Communications Hill in SJ.


Here is the link to sign up.




Homeschool Life Coach