Morning Drop off
Thu, Mar 2 9:14pm

There has been an increase in parents dropping off their students in front of the Liberty Center in the morning. This is not allowed. The proper drop off procedure is to park in a parking space and have your child walk into the building or accompany your child into the building. If you are wanting to drop off, you can do so in front of the Omega Room and the other rooms to the right of it in that wing. It does not matter if it is raining or if you have stuff to carry in. This is a safety issue. When you stop anywhere in front of the Liberty Center (this includes past the crosswalk towards the driveway or even at the curbs across from the building), it creates a blind spot for the crosswalk and blocks traffic flow causing unsafe situations for our students. Please comply with this rule and make sure that other relatives who are dropping off are aware of this. Thank you for your cooperation.