Pizza- Special Lunch Group
Thu, Oct 27 8:00am

As pizza day approaches-just a reminder if there are dietary exceptions here are some options!  


Staff- These sweet parents wanted to make sure you felt welcome to this group also! 


Hello PFA families and staff,  


My name is Eileen Brown, my son Joseph is in 8th grade (and 7th), and my family has food allergies.

I am interested to see if others are interested in ordering allergen friendly pizzas. I’ve done some research on local places to order. I’m willing to run the group, and volunteer time to coordinate for pizza orders, money collection, pizza pickup and delivery, etc for our families.  

If you are interested in ordering “special” pizza, on the schools organized pizza days, please join the social group “Special Lunch Group”.  

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out directly to me.   Thanks, Eileen Brown Cell 408-857-1706