School Starts Tomorrow!!!
Mon, Aug 29 1:55pm


We are super excited for families to return to campus and a big welcome to our new families!


A few housekeeping items to help tomorrow go smoothly:


All classes start promptly  at 8:30 . Please come early enough that your students can have their stuff put away and be ready to start class at 8:30.  As a reminder, for safety purposes do NOT drop off students in front of the liberty Center (glass doors) Younger students should park and be walked in while older students can be dropped off in front of the covered walkway.


All students must have their textbooks and have them checked by their teacher in order to attend classes.  If something has not arrived yet, please be prepared to show teacher the invoice of purchase and or shipping notice so you can be checked off.  Due to copyright issues, we cannot make copies of any textbooks that you have not already purchased. 


Course and Enrollment Fees should be paid by tomorrow.  If there is any reason you cannot have this complete, please stop by the office or contact us to let us know the status. 


Class Locations:  Does your Jr High/High School student know the room each of their classes will be located?  If not, please find the Schedule of Classes on Konstella (More/Files and Links/Registration Forms).  Or come into the office early and we will have printed copies. 


Konstella and Canvas – Everyone should be on Konstella by now. Please make sure you have each child’s name added, and have joined the grade level for each student.  Also, some Math levels, Jr and Sr. High classes have a social group specific to communication for their class.  Please check to see if your child(s) class has one and join as appropriate.   Canvas invites will be sent out soon from Janet and or teachers. 


At the end of every day, please remember to pick up information from your parent folder located at the liberty center glass door.  All student must be picked up by 2:45.


We are praying for each and every one of you!  May the Lord bless all our families at PFA this year!!!


Any other questions, please feel free to stop in office. We look forward to seeing you!