Spirit Day - Costume Day Thursday October 13
Tue, Oct 11 11:30am

A reminder that costume day is this Thursday! 


A note from the Principal:

Our costume Spirit day is approaching please be mindful of the following: Pioneer Family Academy does not, nor have we ever, supported or celebrated Halloween. The root of this holiday is steeped in darkness and, as “children of the Light,” we have chosen to celebrate the light of Christ and not the darkness of this world. I understand that to celebrate this holiday, or not, is a personal decision that each family must make, and I support your right to chose as you see fit. I do however; have the responsibility to make a decision regarding this program. The costumes worn on Spirit Day must be fun, light-hearted and good natured. They must follow the modesty dress code, though hats can be worn if it is an important part of the costume. There should be nothing that represents evil, death, gore, darkness, fear , witchcraft, which includes Harry Potter, etc. No weapons, sharp objects, or props that can be swung around, will be allowed. Any student who comes to PFA in an inappropriate costume will be sent home for the day and receive ‘0’ for their school work that day. There are many, many fun and innocent and creative costumes to wear, for example firefighters, vet, literary characters, historical figures, etc. Let’s make our School Spirit day what it was intended to be; fun and a bit silly. I look forward to seeing your creativity. Of course, as with all our Spirit Days, this is an optional activity.

In Christ’s Service, Kathy Kistler