Trail Life & American Heritage Girls Open House Flyer
Thu, Aug 24 2:04pm

Parents - Please see attached flyer  for Trail Life and Heritage Girls Program offered through the Home Church!  


Additional Information:

American Heritage Girls (AHG) and Trail Life USA are both faith-based character and leadership development programs for boys and girls. These organizations focus on instilling traditional values and skills while emphasizing a Christ-centered approach. Let's take a closer look at each of them:

American Heritage Girls (AHG): AHG is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a Christ-centered environment where girls aged 5 to 18 can grow in their faith, build character, and develop leadership skills. The program is designed to offer a variety of experiences, activities, and badge-earning opportunities that cover a wide range of interests, from outdoor adventures to life skills. The emphasis on Christian values and community service encourages girls to become responsible and compassionate citizens.

Trail Life USA: Trail Life USA is a counterpart to AHG but is exclusively focused on boys aged 5 to 18. It seeks to provide a positive, Christ-centered outdoor adventure program that allows boys to develop strong moral character and leadership skills. Trail Life places a significant emphasis on outdoor activities, community service, and hands-on experiences that help boys learn important life skills and build lasting friendships.

Both AHG and Trail Life USA are structured around a troop-based model, where participants engage in regular meetings, events, and activities that align with their age and development level. The programs aim to create a supportive community where boys and girls can learn, grow, and be mentored by adult leaders who share their values.  (This is a parent-participation program)

Join us on our Open House on August 26th at The Home Church.  This is an opportunity for interested families to learn more about these organizations and how they could benefit their children. Attendees can expect to gain insight into the program's curriculum, activities, and the overall experience their children would have if they were to join. It's a chance to ask questions, meet current members, and evaluate whether AHG or Trail Life USA align with their family's values and goals.

If you're interested in enrolling your children or learning more about these organizations, attending the Open House is a great first step. You can expect to receive detailed information about the programs, their schedules, and the commitment required from both parents and participants. 

Also, for more information you may contact: Michelle Sun-Thoreson, Trail Life Committee Chair at: