Tuition Invoices
Wed, Sep 13 5:23pm

Hello Families!

I pray everyone is having a wonderful week. The Lord has really blessed our first couple weeks of school and we are so encouraged by each one of you.
I have heard from 2 families now that they did not get their invoice in their email. I know most of you received it but if anyone did not, please let me know so we can fix the error on our end
You should have received an invoice in your email on 8/27 for the first month’s tuition. Each month from September-May, you will receive an invoice a couple days before the first of the month. The payment is due between the 1st-10th. 
We are now past the first deadline for tuition invoices. If you have not paid your tuition invoice yet. Please do so asap! 
If you have any bookkeeping questions, please reach out to me! I am available on Konstella or by email ( 
See you all tomorrow!!