Yard Duty
Thu, May 4 12:37pm

We do sincerely thank you all for helping us care for our students by covering yard duty.

I want empower you to interface boldly, yet kindly with our students. I have recently heard that several students who were having issues with another student, have come to an adult for intervention, yet nothing was done. Lunch time is the most dangerous time during the day ,both physically because of that activities the students engage in, but also emotionally, as there are so many students in one pace in an unstructured environment. Whether they let their competitive or sin nature get out of control, they can be unkind to one another. We have taught them try to resolve problems student to student, but if that doesn't work, they are to seek the help of an adult. If someone comes to you with a concern, stay calm, do your best to get both sides of the story, but do intervene so the bad behavior stops . As parents, and loving adults, our goal is to disciple and train the students in appropriate behavior, included conflict resolution techniques. 

One more thing, the kids are NOT allowed behind the trucks. They are actually, not allowed to touch them in any manner. 

Thank you again for being part of the PFA family in the truest sense.