Box Tops are due October 26
Fri, Oct 26
Pittsburgh Linden
1 day before, 7 days before, 14 days before, 21 days before

Have you been saving Box Tops for Education labels from cereal boxes and all the other products they are found on?  If not, please start doing so now.  Encourage your friends and family to collect them for you too.       


Please return all the Box Tops and Box Tops Bonus Certificates you've gathered by Friday, October 26th so Linden's Box Tops Coordinators can prepare and postmark them in time for the fall deadline.   


  • Box Tops collection sheets with space for 25 or 50 labels are attached to this message so you can print as many as you need.  Glue or tape your Box Tops labels to that sheet. 
  • No time for trimming and gluing, or not enough labels to fill a sheet? No problem. Simply secure them in a zip bag! 
  • Box Tops Bonus Certificates should be returned in a zip bag or clipped to a collection sheet. 
  • Box Tops can be sent to Linden in your child's homework folder, or you can deliver them to the PTA mailbox in the main office anytime throughout the year.

Thank you for supporting Linden through this fundraiser!


Questions?  Please send an email to



  1. Enter this Box Tops Sweepstakes on Linden's behalf.
  2.  Please also consider using the Box Tops Bonus App when you shop.  Watch this helpful video to see how it works.