Dental Hygiene Visit and Request for Dental Records
Fri, Jan 12 1:29am

This is a reminder that the school dentist/dental hygienist will be coming Linden February 12-14th to do dental assessments for the students.  If you haven't already done so, submit a copy of your child's most recent dental visit. You can send a photocopy of the form to Linden or send it via fax using the number below.  Please send the form no later than the end of January. 

The Pennsylvania State Mandated School Dental Form is required by the school district. The form can either be printed from or you can get one from Linden's school nurse, Kelsey Yuhas. 


Kelsey Yuhas, School Nurse, (412) 529-4004  fax: (412) 864-2973

Monica Calvert, Dental Hygienist