KidStuff Coupon Book Sale through December 3
Mon, Dec 3
Pittsburgh Linden
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The Pittsburgh Linden PTA is selling KidStuff coupon books from November 19 through December 3. 


The coupon books are $25,* and they contain discounts for stores and experiences that many families will actually use, so the books will pay for themselves in a couple of uses!  They make great gifts, and you will receive them before winter break as long as your payments are submitted by December 3.


An exciting addition to the coupon books this year is the KidStuff App, which has local and national coupons for savings on the go.  When you purchase a book, you'll receive a code that you  can use to access the app.  Pull up the app when you're out of town, and it will use GPS to find coupon offers available near you!  


The coupons are good through the end of 2019 so you'll have a whole year to use them.  These coupon books are available for 20 different regions in the country, so if you have family/friends around the US or if you travel a lot, you can get the book(s) that will help you or them save the most!


The attachment to this message contains sample pages from the coupon book, important information about the sale, and an order form.  Please tell your friends, family, and coworkers about the sale.  For every five paid books on your order form, you get one free!  Please note that neither the KidStuff company nor the Pittsburgh Linden PTA promotes children selling door-to-door. 


Don't want to deal with papers and sending payments to school?  You can place your order online and have your book shipped to Linden for free or your home for a small shipping fee.  The sell five, get one free offer is even available for online sales.  Just go to the KidStuff website, enter Linden's code (PIT294597) and create a personalized seller link that you can share with your friends, family members, or coworkers.  


The attached documents will come home in hard copy with your child this week.  If you need additional order forms, you can print them from the attachment or write to to request that we send additional forms home with your child. 


We have one sample book.  If you'd like to see it before you decide to buy, please email to arrange a time to view it at drop off or pick up. 


If you have questions about the coupon books or the sale, you can also ask us when you see us (pick up is  a great time to catch us).  


Thank you,

Angie Frye (mom of 5th grader and 1st grader)

Tabetha Mwita (mom of 1st grader)


*The KidStuff coupon book is a fundraiser; 50% of the selling price comes back to the PTA to support the educational programs at Linden!