School closed tomorrow, Friday, October 13, 2017
Thu, Oct 12 2:44pm
Pleasant Valley School

Good afternoon PV,

Pleasant Valley and all NUSD schools will be closed tomorrow. Please read Superintendent Hogeboom's message below for more information.

In addition, we are cancelling Family Movie Night tomorrow night. We will reschedule it and will notify you when a new date is set.

Thank you for taking care of our community, your families and friends. Hug your kids today and please stay safe.


Schools closed on Friday, October 13


Dear Novato Staff, Students, Parents and Community Members:

This has been an incredibly difficult week for all of us, particularly for the 200 plus NUSD staff members who live in the areas impacted by the fires.  The loss of life and property is devastating, and we currently have many staff members in danger of being evacuated from their homes, including many of our staff members who live in Petaluma and were recently advised that they should prepare for possible evacuation. The air quality in Marin and the general Bay Area continues to be unhealthy, and will continue to remain that way for the foreseeable future.

After consultation with our School Board, County and District Administrators and staff, I have made the decision to close all schools and the district office here in Novato Unified for tomorrow, Friday, October 13. Novato along with all other Marin County School Districts have made the decision to close tomorrow as well.  We do not make this decision lightly, as we realize this causes major difficulties for our parents who have to work and find childcare.

Education is a people business. Due to either personal health or safety related issues, a significant portion of our workforce will be unavailable to work on Friday. Over the course of this week, we have seen the size of our substitute teacher pool decrease dramatically as our substitute teachers are affected by fires. We will not be able to provide coverage for many of our classrooms.  In addition, MCAL made the decision to cancel all sporting events for the weekend, include Novato High’s Homecoming activities.

The last consideration was the fact that we could be asked to provide shelter here in Novato for the evacuated residences, and this might entail the need to open one of our schools or to help provide volunteers to evacuation centers.  We will keep a skeleton crew here at the district office tomorrow to monitor the situation, but otherwise the entire district will be closed.

At this point, we anticipate having schools open on Monday. Of course this will depend on how things go over the weekend.  We will provide an announcement one way or the other by 5:00 PM Sunday evening, so please stay tuned to social media, emails and other communications.

Thank you all for your continued support and we appreciate our community coming together during this crisis.

Jim Hogeboom