2020 Pyrtle Virtual Walk-A-Thon is coming!
Thu, Aug 27 11:23am




The Pyrtle PTO is excited to share that the Walk-A-Thon tradition remains alive, even though circumstances warranted a few adjustments! Read on to learn all of the details, including how to donate and how to log miles. This entire guide may also be accessed here.

Your Guide to the 2020 Pyrtle Virtual Walk-A-Thon!


WHAT: This is your go-to guide for the upcoming Virtual Walk-A-Thon, Pyrtle PTO’s biggest annual fundraiser. It needs to look different this year, but we’re no less excited about what is in store for the Pyrtle Community! Families love Walk-A-Thon because it’s a great way to support our school through donations, and you don’t have to sell anything! The money raised is used to support your students and their teachers through purchases of materials and services. Read on to learn how you can participate.


There are just TWO goals of the 2020 Virtual Walk-A-Thon:

  • 1) Raise money to support Pyrtle.
  • 2) Get quality time as a family by walking/running together.


We encourage every Pyrtle family to set a donation goal and a mileage goal. You don’t need to share either of these with anyone outside your family.


WHO: The entire Pyrtle Community gets to participate in the 2020 Virtual Walk-A-Thon: students, families, teachers, and staff. You are encouraged to get out and walk or run with your family regularly during the 25 days of the Walk-A-Thon. This is not a competition between classroom or grades. We are #BetterTogether!


WHEN: Walk-A-Thon will run Sept. 1-25. You get to choose how often and how far you walk during that time.


WHERE: Your family gets to choose where you want to walk! If you walk to and from school, that mileage counts too!




  • Set a goal as a family for how many dollars your family would like to raise for Pyrtle. You are welcome to invite your extended family and friends to make donations too. This year, it’s easier than ever to donate using the link below. You don’t have to report your goal anywhere.


This site charges minimal processing fees of 3.3% (you can even choose to cover them so your entire donation goes to Pyrtle!) and you can pay via debit/credit card, Venmo, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Microsoft Pay. You do not need to give Givebutter (the company) a tip--just choose other on the dropdown menu. The default for a tip is 10%.


  • You are also welcome to mail a check or money order (made out to Pyrtle PTO) to Pyrtle Elementary, ATTN: Pyrtle PTO at 721 Cottonwood Dr Lincoln, NE 68510 or you may drop it off in the main office by Sept. 25.


  • For safety reasons, we ask that you do not send checks or cash with your student. We simply want to give the teachers one less thing to worry about!




  • Set a goal as a family for how many miles you think your family can contribute to the Pyrtle Community Mileage Total! You don’t have to report your goal anywhere.


  • The main rule is that a Pyrtle Panther has to be on the walk for it to count. Is Grandma visiting and up for a walk with your student? Great! Those miles count! Does a Pyrtle teacher’s spouse want to go with them for a run and get some exercise after a school day? Great! Those miles count!


  • Yes, either walking or running counts!


  • You can count every family member’s miles separately. If a family of 3 walks 2 miles, that’s a total of 6 miles! If you do this same walk 3 times, that’s 18 miles!



  • You can record miles daily, weekly, randomly, or all at the end. Never will your name, nor your child’s name, be shared publicly. Your miles will be added to the Pyrtle Community Mileage Total, which will be updated on the Pyrtle Elementary PTO Facebook page! (Have you liked this page yet?)


We are excited to see how many dollars and miles the Pyrtle Community can log during the 2020 Pyrtle Virtual Walk-A-Thon!


If you have any questions, email ptopyrtlepanthers@gmail.com or send a message through our Facebook page!