Drop Off Done Right!
Fri, Jan 6 11:03am

Hello Pyrtle Family!  

As we get back into the swing of our school-day routines the PTO wanted to help out the staff and students with morning arrivals.  

We appreciate all who have jumped right back into a safe and quick arrival process in the drop-off lane.  Some reminders of the plan our amazing Pyrtle Staff have outlined to help keep our students safe, our stress low and adults moving on our way - this is how we get Drop Off Done Right

  • Pull all the way forward in the drop-off lane as possible.  We all have places to be in the morning and doing so will get us all there safely and quickly.  
  • Do NOT stop in front of Door #17 unless everyone else has pulled up and that happens to be the next spot to stop - lucky day!
  • Make sure we’re not double parking or unloading kids into the street. 
  • Please refrain from parking in the cut-out lane. 
  • If you need to park or have a before-school meeting please park on the street away from the school.  Also, remember both parking lots are for our Pyrtle Staff - not for drop off/pick up. 
  • Have students exit vehicles on the curbside of your vehicle.  
  • Make sure to not unload on the East side of Cottonwood. 
  • Let students know they should always use crosswalks.
  • Let’s respect our Pyrtle neighbors and refrain from using their driveways for dropping off or turning around.  

Our kids do what they see modeled and the PTO wants to have a little fun to recognize those doing Drop Off Right!


Beginning next week you may see some PTO Board Members hanging out with Mrs. U or Mr. Rinne during drop-off on various days.  We’ll be handing out “Drop Off Done Right” cards to those we see helping keep the arrival lane moving safely.  Each card will give you or your student a chance for some fun raffle prizes (gift cards, principal for a period, etc). 

Thanks for being amazing and making our Pyrtle community a fun and safe environment for our students and staff.  

Make it a great day!